Saturday, 30 August 2014

Life is wearing me thin.

Sorry for not blogging for the last month or so.    Work commitments, Hair Thieves commitments, family commitmments, holidays and festivals have left little time for writing and recording.

The image above is of me at last weekends Mansun Convention in Chester, playing one of the Chad's guitars.

Work is progressing on the first solo tune.   Lyrics are 75% complete.  Some music has been recorded but a lot of time has been spent playing with the music software and hardware trying to get guitar sounds that I'm happy with.

Hopefully, the lyrics will be finished in the next week, so I can start putting the music together, whilst learning chord shapes in DADGBD tuning.

I've not looked at the branding task from week two in the marketing book.  Until I have written a few tunes, I don't know what the overall package will sound like.  Well that is my excuse!