Monday, 20 July 2015


I have my first solo set booked for September 5th at The Castle Grounds in Bridgnorth.

It is a free gig. 

I am playing a 30 minute set from 2:40 to 3:10.

Not sure how much solo material I will play, hopefully something.   So there will be some new cover versions (which I'm working on) and possibly one or two Hair Thieves tunes.

So that is a bit scary, given I haven't played live in two years, and very exciting.  So in August, I will try and play a couple open mic nights to get some practice in.

A winter's memory has now been recorded and is ready for mixing.  Given this is a piano led song, I don't think I can pull it off on guitar with any real justice.  Though I will at least try and work out an arrangement for guitar and try it.

Still not decided on the b-side yet.

The plan is to release it to coincide with the gig, so I suppose, the b-side should be something I play at the gig.  I'll decide in the next day or two.

Exciting times!