Monday, 7 December 2015

A Musical Journey - Part 5 - Now

This is the final part of my musical journey.

Bands I've got into listening in the past 5 years.  So this should be short.   I'm still listening to lots of music from the '80s (a lot of XTC as I write this).  Still listening to the bands I've got into during the '00s.

First off is Of Monsters and Men.

E (guitarist in The Hair Thieves) got me into these and dragged me along to see them last month.

Of Monsters and Men - Crystals

Agnes Obel - Someone posted a link to one of her tunes on Facebook.  I fell in love with her voice and bought both the albums that day.

Agnes Obel - The Curse.

Passenger - I saw Passenger support Ed Sheeran a few years ago (pre Let her go fame).  I really enjoyed his set and bought a couple of his albums the next day.   One of my favourite recent lyricists.

Passenger - I Hate

Paper Aeroplanes - I was searching for instructions on making Paper Aeroplanes and google linked to a torrent by this band, so I downloaded it.  I ended up going to their Bandcamp site and buying their entire back catalogue.

Paper Aeroplanes - Same Mistake.

Rue Royale - Another band I discovered from a Facebook post.   Another band I went and bought their back catlogue off bandcamp.

Rue Royale - Set out to Discover.

Erica Nockalls - I went to a little day festival in Bishops Castle a couple of years ago.  Miles Hunt and Erica from the Wonder Stuff were in the audience.   One of my friends mentioned that Erica had just released her first solo album.  When I got home I googled it and found the Mannikin video. I thought it was totally bonkers so bought the album.

I was lucky to photograph her when she supported P.I.L a couple of year ago.

Erica Nockalls - Mannikin.

Ferocious Dog - I have had the pleasure of photographing these at several Farmer Phil's festivals.  A great live band.

Ferocious Dog - Criminal Justice.

Right that will do you for now, other than that lot, Royal Blood, Hozier and collaborations like Storm Corrosion mostly I've been listening to more unsigned music from bandcamp.

So now we are up to date with my musical journey.  You can probably see why my music output is quite ecelctic.

Normal blogging of the album and lack of progress will now resume.   I may do the occasional blog on a song though.

I will leave you with some Storm Corrosion though.

Storm Corrosion - Drag Ropes