Sunday, 13 December 2015

Weapons of choice.

Sorry for the lack of posting and finishing tunes.

This is mostly due to us finishing off and releasing the Hair Thieves EP7 cracking on with the new Hair Thieves EP.  Which I can announce will be called EP8.  This is obviously my main priority.

I have also released an EP of instrumentals under the name Sineglider and a couple of other instrumental tunes.

I have been chipping away on Sweet Lemon Mechanism, Sour Grapes, Tabinad and Persephone, but not enough progress has been made to be able to let anyone hear any of it.

Other than that, I have been in gear acquisition mode.  Having bought a couple of new midi controllers (Ebay is great for getting things cheap) and Native Instuments Komplete collection.

So a lot of time has been spent just playing and learning new tools and soft synths and getting to grips with it all.

This now leaves me in the position of having a plethora of synths and multi versions of various types of effects.    So it is now time to make a decision on a subset of tools that I will use on the album.

I really want to limit myself to a few soft synths and effects, to stop me spending days playing with multiple things to find the perfect sound.

Luckily,  Cubase allows me to create effects subsets.  I have one which contains just the plugins E and I have in common, for use on Hair Thieves tracks.   I plan to do the same for this album.  Choose my weapons of choice, so to speak.

So yes, progress is being made but not at a speed I'm happy with.  I need to ramp it up over the coming months.

This is probably my last post on the album for 2015.  

2016 will see the release of "A Winters Memory", which was written as part of 2015's Fawm competition.   So I really should release it before Fawm starts in February 2016.  

Yes I will be taking part in Fawm again next year.

So wishing you all a very Happy Christmas / holiday season and a productive and happy 2016.