Monday, 15 February 2016

Not Feeling it.

Had an indifferent week with Fawm.

This is mostly to do with issues I have had with Cubase not playing nice with my hardware as well as issues with it playing with some plugins.

It slowed me down and frustrated me.  Hopefully, I've sorted it out now.

I have managed to finish two instrumentals.

An experiment in electronics.

Every sound is from some Native instruments VST.

Drums from Battery and Kontakt

Synths from Rounds (Reaktor), Kontakt (Gamelan, Evolve, Evolve Mutations), Absynth, Massive.

Barely mixed. Some reverb added to some sounds. General panning, slight EQ, some compression.

This is in 3/4 time. 

Pick up sticks.

The second is a little ditty called Resident Wevil.

Being traditionally a guitarist, I thought that two weeks into Fawm, I should record some guitar.

All I knew is i wanted something distorted somewhere.

Drums are from groove Agent.

Badly played bass (through ampeg amp in amplitude)

3 guitar parts. All telecaster. One through Amplitude, one through Guitar Rig and one through Shuffham amp.

Synths are a mixture of Kontour and things I found in reaktor and rendered to audio, so don't know what they are anymore.

Title is due to liking the word Weevil.

Been struggling with lyrics.

I had two attempts.

I have my mother's worry
I have my mother's eyes
I have my mother's wicked tongue
I have my mother's sarcastic replies

I have my mother's humour
I have my mother's tact
I have my mother's money luck
I have my mother's quest for facts.

I have my mother's darkness
I have my mother's fears
I have my mother's lack of grace
I have my mother's attractive veneer

Just Don't Know
Fed Up with checking sources
on the news I see
Lack of faith
in the strories they feed
But a puppet has a master
holding the leash
Subjugate the masses
with the tales released

and I just don't know
What to believe
Truth or lies
Are we so Nieve
Are they Criminal or just
A Friend or foe
well you just don't know
You Just Don't know

Elected government monkies
are they corporate whores
Telling lies
to they people they swore oath to
Who's the puppet, who's the master
who's pulling the string
as the elite get rich
leave the masses begging

Not sure if I will use either lyrics.

Still have a couple of other songs on the go.

No Hair Thieves tunes so far, we have been experimenting with melody writing with existing lyrics, which isn't the sort of thing that is part of FAWM.

I'll show E the lyrics and see if he wants to use them / finish them.

So onto week 3.  Still playing catch up.